Good work, sore throat

My sore throat that isn’t a sore throat (it’s referred jaw pain) has really been bothering me this week. Yesterday, in an attempt to cheer myself up, I had a singalong Tim McGraw morning. Admittedly singing didn’t exactly help the muscles recover, but the mood enhancing affect was worth the extra pain.

Tim’s never usually the first person I turn to for a country sing-song. I’d normally butcher a load of Keith Urban albums when the urge takes me. Only Tim would do yesterday.

I’m doing lots of sports research this month and decided to rewatch The Blind Side this morning. I’d forgotten how brilliant Sandra Bullock is and I’d definitely forgotten how handsome Tim  McGraw is when he ditches the cowboy hat and scrapes off the beard. All of this, and probably the fact that I’m currently rewatching Friday Night Lights from the beginning, has lead me back to the NFL.

I turned way from American football a few years ago when it started to feel like a massive chore and eventually quite painful to watch. I may never watch it as intently as I did, but for the first time in a very long time I’m excited about a new season starting. Good work, sore throat. Good work!


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