It was a good week for crushes

Twitter is a curious thing, because it gives you instant access to your heroes. By its nature, this is a risky business. People you admire or feel you have an affinity with don’t always live up to the fantasy. It is, however, a joy when they turn out to be just as lovely as you imagined.

I always feel that as a writer I shouldn’t get star struck. But when Emma Kennedy was gearing up for her first cooking gig after winning this year’s Celeb MasterChef yesterday, she was positively giddy at being tweeted by Shelina Permalloo, who won the regular series earlier in the year. It’s comforting.

Last year, when Nigella Lawson seized control of her Twitter account from her PR people, I tweeted her a link to a smitten blog post I’d written around a year before. It was about how she and Jamie Oliver were responsible for turning my love of food into a love of cooking as a teenager. Her surprising response was so kind and so impressed that it now sits in a little frame to buoy me up on less creative days.

When I tweeted her a photo of  the Meatzza I made from her new Nigellissima book this week, she shared it with her followers and added that it’s her children’s favourite meal, before correcting my spelling of Meatzza.

From my Instagram

From my Instagram










Yeah, it’s a cheap pop. Tweet a celebrity chef a photo of something they’re trying to flog by the million and they’ll no doubt share it. But hey, Nigella innit.

Despite sharing Nigella’s publication date, Nigel Slater is less the ardent plugger. He is a more considered soul. I tweeted about cooking a curry from Kitchen Diaries II and that I hoped he’d forgive me for playing around with the recipe. No RT, just a response forgiving me and declaring that my chosen adjustments were a brilliant idea. Such a gent.

I also got a tweet from my ultimate news crush, Matt Frei, this week. I love Matt Frei. I may have swooned. Yes, I feel very silly.

These tiny dalliances with people we don’t really know shouldn’t matter. But connecting for a few seconds with the people who inspire you is the perfect little ice cream cone on a bad day. What’s an ice cream cone? “Here’s a little something to make you happy. Something sweet that melts in five minutes.” Elizabethtown quotes have never steered me wrong yet.


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