How do you measure a year?


How do you measure a year? I suppose in all the things Seasons of Love suggests. But the way I decide whether it’s been a good year or not is to tot up the year’s events. If there were more happy moments than bad, it was a good year. 2012 wasn’t without its strife. Some parts of my life got considerably less fun.  But then, corny as it sounds, the good wouldn’t taste half as sweet without the bitter days. There was plenty of ‘sweet’ this year.

Last new year’s eve I wrote a short blog post elsewhere about the fact that 2011 had been particularly unkind to me. It really had. It was a tough year. In that blog post I said that I was looking forward to moving on to better things and better people in 2012. It’s hard to say how much of that was blind hope and how much was belief, but it actually happened.

  • My jaw gradually healed. It’s actually still healing. It regularly spasms and causes me pain. But this time last year, just a couple of weeks past my surgery, I couldn’t imagine the throbbing and swelling would ever recede.
  • My balance started a not-yet-complete journey of recovery. Yes, I’m still far more limited in my daily life than I would choose and, yes, it still drives me to absolute distraction some days. But regaining even a small amount of mobility has had a dramatic impact on my happiness. It’s startling how your life priorities change once you start crawling out of a long illness. Everything has changed beyond recognition and I kind of like it.
  • I finished college and passed with a distinction. I actually started studying feature journalism before I became ill. For a long time I was too poorly to rejoin the course. I probably started back long before I should have, but time was running out and it gave me a goal to focus on. I enjoyed it more and learnt more than I ever imagined. My tutor was fabulous and she really taught me how to elevate my work. Thank you, Jane.
  • I let lots of things back into my life that I had loved before but had lost the energy for. Fashion, beauty, certain emotive types of music, sport. I still miss the Olympics! It was like meeting an old pal and enjoying their company even more than I had in the past.
  • Finally, the man who has been my best friend for a long time became my boyfriend. In many ways, all the good things were made more possible because he encouraged me in them, and all the bad things were made easier to deal with because he held my hand through them. And don’t we all just want a best friend we can smooch?

Thanks for (almost) everything, 2012. Here’s to 2013 and all the madness it promises to bring!


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