Review: WEI Black Soy Instant Lifting Pads


I’m always a little suspicious when products claim to instantly lift your skin. I assume they’re so pumped full of alcohol that all they do is make your skin wince into tightening, the way your cheeks involuntarily hollow when sucking on a lemon slice. So when I was sent one of the WEI Black Soy Instant Lifting Pads I went in expecting to be unimpressed. This despite the fact that what I’ve tried of WEI has been beautiful, if a little on the pricey side.

There is definitely alcohol soaked into the pad. For the first couple of minutes it was pressed onto my face I felt some mild stinging in areas where I knew the skin was slightly broken. But it does give you the feeling that it’s actually working on the texture of the skin, rather than just pulling it back.

To test the product properly I saved the full-face pad until a day where I really needed it to work. I’d had almost no sleep and had already made plans to visit family in hospital that evening. Surprisingly, it met the challenge.

I left the mask on my skin for 10 minutes before massaging for one minute and taking off the excess moisture, as directed. At first the skin was worryingly red and blotchy, but within half an hour the redness receded to leave smooth, tightened skin. The pores were significantly reduced and the overall appearance was less puffy.

The tightening effect only lasted a couple of hours, but the smoothness lasted until the end of the day. At £55 for a pack of 6, these aren’t a cheap cheat to tighter skin. Especially as the effect is only temporary. But for a big night out or a special occasion, they’re definitely worth a try. It’s just a shame they don’t sell them individually.


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