There have been countless milestones over the past three years. Some have been tiny and only felt by myself, while others have been huge and things I could thankfully share. Sometimes you don’t even notice them until you’re way beyond them.

This weekend Andrew and I went on a trip to Birmingham. Brum sounds unglamorous, I know, but it was an enormous cluster of memorable markers. Most importantly, it was so much fun.

We planned this mini holiday to serve three purposes; to be our late Valentine’s weekend away, to see how well I would cope with two hours in the car at high speed, and to make the third anniversary of my illness a day of positive forward motion – literally.

I won’t say that it wasn’t a challenge or that it didn’t evolve into an emotional and physical rollercoaster, but it was a massive achievement. I’m paying the price for it today and will probably continue to feel a little broken for the rest of the week. That’s alright, though. What I’m learning to do is work around my illness. I’m trying not let it dictate what I do, just influence how I go about it. And once you do one exciting thing, it opens doors to so many more.



(T-B, L-R) Crossing the Severn Bridge, the Bullring jelly bean bull, obligatory hotel mirror shot, Marmite from the Selfridge’s ‘No Noise’ campaign, macaroons, room service and goodies from the Selfridge’s food hall, my special Jo Malone present to myself, and us.


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