Five Spring Candles

If spring ever actually arrives, we can all ditch the heavy jumpers and start pulling on some floaty pastels. Luckily, we don’t have to wait to put away the rich, spicy scents that kept us cosy through winter. We might not quite be ready to switch wardrobes yet, but here are a few fresh candles to set a new, spring-like mood…


1. Aloe & Soft Linen – The Body Shop (£10)

Gentle and clean. Gives you that freshly washed bed linen scent without feeling like you’ve overdone the fabric softener.

2. Wild Mint – The White Company (£26)

Easily the most gorgeous spring candle I’ve ever burnt. It smells so good I could drink it. Sweet but still fresh, it’s like they mixed a mojito straight into the wax. I’m obsessed.

3. Gin & Rosewater – Tokyo Milk (£15)

Lemony in the tin but burns to release more of the juniper and rose. It’s soft enough not to keep you awake at night, but still gives off a zing from the gin infusion.

4. Basil – Stoneglow Give Back to Nature range (£9)

Releases an uplifting, almost aniseed scent, and comes with a pack of seeds so you can grow your own. My only gripe is that they don’t sell it in bigger jars. I want more!

5. Seashore – True Grace (£14)

Powerful and heady, like throwing the window open and letting brisk sea air into the room. Ideal if you prefer marine scents to sweeter, more zesty ones.


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