The Best Medicine

Some weekends are like overdue medicine. Our Wrestlemania weekend was our best so far. Was it the best show ever? Probably not. But if you ask the internet, every Wrestlemania is the best and worst for someone.

We spent Saturday night watching the SHIMMER iPPV with (booze-free) beer, nachos and pizza. It was an impressively booked show and great for mate-spotting in the crowd.

Sunday we shopped for Wrestlemania pyjamas and junk food. We tried to nap. Andrew did better than I did on that front. I had only just dropped off when the alarm buzzed for the 11pm pre-show. We stayed up until stupid o’clock, then spent the rest of Monday recovering with bacon, cake and a chippy tea. We were supposed to be cooking braised ox cheek, but the butcher let us down. That’s a grumble for a different day.

It was lovely. And we both really needed a bit of lovely.

Proper Wrestlemania thoughts will be on later this week, but here are some pictures of junk food and tired faces.














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