Seaside Weekend



I spent last weekend up north on the Lancashire coast with Andrew. It was fantastic. It was completely exhausting for the both of us, but so lovely to spend time with him and his kids. It was also great to be able to properly meet some of his family. They were all so kind and welcoming to me.

Saturday night we went to see Micky Flanagan at the Blackpool Opera House. I can’t remember the last time I saw some stand-up. Being in a room full of laughing people for two hours is a great spirit lifter. And I got to do some people-watching while the notorious Blackpool nightlife unfolded before us, as we slowly made our way back to the car. Andrew described it as being like a safari park. A war zone might be more accurate. Although, there were several large animals roaming around. The Primark onesie lives on!

Sunday we jumped around various parks, the beach and Andrew’s sister’s house.  In the early evening the two of us sat on St Annes prom, ate fish and chips out of the paper with cans of Dandelion & Burdock, and steadied ourselves for the lengthy drive back to Cardiff. That half-hour was a long kept promise fulfilled and will forever be one of my favourite food memories. I could happily have sat looking out on the beach all night.




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