Random Thoughts: CMT Awards

Was it just me or were the CMT Awards this week a bit weird? It was bumbling. It’s a very un-American thing, to bumble. There were lots of missed cues and awkward acoustics. When almost everyone sounds slightly off key, maybe none of them could quite hear themselves properly. Still, I enjoyed it on the whole.

I was floored that Jason Aldean was chosen to co-host with Kristen Bell, though. He’s got the personality of a wet dishcloth. All that time hanging about with Luke Bryan obviously hasn’t rubbed off. If only charisma was catching, eh?

I really enjoyed Kacey Musgraves’ Blowin’ Smoke. She’s always so effortless. And speaking of Luke Bryan, Crash My Party across the road at The Stage was hilarious. I’m amazed he could even breathe through the fog of oestrogen in the room. I’ve rarely seen as many pretty, shiny-toothed girls swooning that hard.

The whole segment where the cameras went outside the arena and followed Hunter Hayes around downtown Nashville was so surreal. It was like walking into a house you used to live in after a really long time. I miss Nashville a lot. I have no doubt that if I went back now I’d still know the area like the back of my hand. Very weird.

While we’re on nostalgia, I’ve been loving Darius Rucker even more than usual lately. His casual rendition of Wagon Wheel with Lady Antebellum was lovely. I’m not even close to being bored of Wagon Wheel yet. It’s my kitchen karaoke tune of choice at the moment. It reminds me of when I was completely obsessed with I Will Wait about 10 (or more) years ago. Darius’s voice seems to be getting more treacly as he gets older. Long may it continue.

For about the 10,000th time this week….


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