Eight Uplifting Things

These past few weeks have been worrisome, to say the very least. When you’re all at sea it really helps to have a few things you know will briefly distract you from the horrible stuff, and maybe even lift your spirits a little bit. Here are some of the things that have cheered me up.

Cake Boss

I know it’s all a bit contrived, but I love that grumpy baker and his dysfunctional family. It’s worth watching for the accents alone, but also….cake! It’s a nice few minutes of distraction in the evenings. Thank you, Netflix.


Mindy Gledhill’s Anchor album

I had never heard of Mindy until a beauty YouTuber used one of her tracks as background music in their videos a few months ago. Anchor is sweet, gentle and full of love. I’ve been playing it a lot, especially when I need cheering up. It’s like a hug from your best mate. The title track is my favourite.


Modern Family

I was half way through series three of The Walking Dead when everything went a bit wayward. The Walking Dead is awesome but possibly one of the most depressing show’s I’ve watched. I decided to leave it and marathon Modern Family instead. I’ve become obsessed with it. It’s one of the funniest shows I’ve seen in a long time and I would happily marry Phil Dunphy. He’s an idiot, but his heart’s in the right place. I would also happily switch bodies with Sofia Vergara, but that seems even less probable than marrying a fictional character.



You know, whenever I’ve been in a jam, wrestling has always been there to lighten the load. It’s been one of the most consistent things in my life since I was in my late teens, so, a long time. I’ve been making an effort to get into more British wrestling lately and it’s introduced me to some new and lovely people. Here’s one of my favourite videos at the moment.


Shelina Permalloo – Sunshine on a Plate 

I buy a lot of cookbooks. One day I hope to have a library to rival Nigellla Lawson’s, along with a pantry full of odd pasta and quirky ingredients to match hers, too. Some of the cookbooks I’ve bought have been duds; usually because the food just doesn’t suit my tastes. I’ve been hanging on for Shelina’s book since she won MasterChef last year and it’s a beauty. If I can flick through a new book and can’t decide what to cook first, that’s always a good sign. It’s been my little ray of foodie sunshine.


Allison Danger on the Ringbelles Podcast

If you’re not a wrestling fan you can be forgiven for not knowing who Allison Danger is. If you are a fan of wrestling and don’t know Allison, you’re so late to the party even the helium balloons have started to crumple. Allison had to retire from wrestling because she suffered a stroke and doctors found lesions on her brain. She talks a lot about this during her visit to the Ringbelles podcast from last week. She is totally inspiring. Here’s a woman who had to cut her list of life goals short, but isn’t bitter about it. Her positive attitude is amazing and I took a lot of strength from it. She also goes on to talk about safety in wrestling, the women’s scene, rivalries, training and how to be the best you can be in the industry. It’s a great listen. Click here.



I don’t have any tattoos. I’ve wanted one for about five years or so, but never had the courage. I came close when I was in America once, but was pretty sure my travel insurance wouldn’t cover me if I got septicaemia. I’ve got so many ideas for what I want. I can’t stop scanning blogs and Instagram for inspiration. I definitely know one of my major ones will be inspired by the two images below. Even if it takes years before I’m brave enough, it’s a pretty distraction, eh?





Phil Vassar 

Thanks to my friend Lisa, Phil was the first country artist I ever really got into. I had no idea at the time that a few years after she made me that mixtape I would start spending time in Nashville and really start understanding country music. Like wrestling, Phil’s voice has been with me through everything, good and bad. I love him. This is him doing Love is Alive on the Bobby Bones radio show when they launched their Oklahoma tornado relief drive. It’s lovely.



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