Level-Up: Part 2

Every Sunday I record my health achievements for the week here. To find out why I decided to start doing this, you can read an explanation in the first post of the series here.

This week’s health achievements

Tuesday– Walking to a solicitor’s office with my brother and dad to attend a meeting, then doing a small amount of shopping with my brother before walking home. (With walking stick and nausea tablet, but without holding on to anyone)

Thursday– Walking to the shops near my house to buy a birthday present for someone, buying coffee, then walking home. (With walking stick and nausea tablet)

Saturday– Going to the supermarket with my mum and grandmother. Doing a small amount of clothing shopping alone, then waiting for them in the cafeteria while they finished their shopping. (With walking stick, trolley and nausea tablet)

Why were these things challenges?

Apart from the usual reasons why walking is such a big challenge for me (see part 1) I also had a pretty nasty cold this week. Whenever I have a cold it goes straight to my inner ear. Until Wednesday my right ear was so blocked I couldn’t hear out of it. So not only was I battling my usual wobbliness and dizziness, but the congestion was making it ten times worse. Tuesday was particularly tough in this sense, but I pushed through.

On Thursday I really wasn’t feeling well but I was determined to get out and do my shopping. I should probably have stayed home, but I didn’t. I should probably have come home sooner, but I didn’t.  When I got home I was pleased I’d managed to do most of what I wanted but I suffered for it and became so exhausted and dizzy that I pretty much collapsed. Not letting that get me down for too long wasn’t easy.

Supermarkets are one of the toughest environments for me. They’re loud, busy, there are lots of obstacles to manoeuvre around and the visual stimulation from all those bright colours can be enough to trigger the rotary vertigo alone. The fact that I was there on Saturday morning while it was at its busiest was a big deal. This is why I stuck to the slightly quieter clothing area, spent as little time as possible in the food area and bailed to the cafeteria to sit down when I’d had enough.

This week’s lessons

  • You can’t control external factors.  If I catch a cold, I catch a cold, and that’s always going to make me feel a lot worse. I just have to roll with it and avoid feeling like things are going backwards.
  • Stuff needs doing. Sometimes things come up that can’t be put on hold. I just have to compensate with rest afterwards.
  • I am sometimes too stubborn for my own good. I must learn to listen to my body more, not my need to go out. Be sensible!
  • Rest isn’t defeat. For a short time, resting through my collapse felt like I was giving in. I wasn’t.
  • Know when to bail.
  • I want a Batman onesie so much I’ll endure Asda on a Saturday morning. Everyone wants to be the Batman.

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