Level-Up: Part 4

Every Sunday I record my health achievements and discoveries for the week here. To find out why I decided to start doing this, you can read an explanation in the first post of the series here.

This week’s health achievements

Tuesday– Attended PIP medical assessment alone. (With walking stick and nausea tablet)

Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday- Worked through stress brought on by PIP assessment

Wednesday- Short walk to local shop and post office, then home again. (With walking stick and nausea tablet)

Friday– Short walk to local shops, then home again. (With walking stick and nausea tablet half way through)

Why were these things challenges?

I’ve already discussed the PIP assessment and its aftermath here. I’m not inclined to repeat it. My Wednesday walk is something of a blur. I did it because I needed some air and to get out of the house. I don’t remember much about it, if I’m perfectly honest.

This week has been draining. I’ve tried to rest over the weekend, but it may be a couple more days before I get my usual level of energy back. My Friday walk was probably ill-advised. I hadn’t realised how wiped out I was until I was a couple of streets into my walk. At that point I had a huge dizzy spell in the street; the kind that makes you feel that the colour is draining from your face.  I had to find some shop steps to sit on while it started to pass and while the nausea tablet kicked in. Eventually I was stable enough to move on, get a few things done and slowly make my way home.

It’s frightening when really big dizzy spells happens in public. It’s even worse in the street. Thanks to some supportive text messages and a little calm I got through it.

This week’s lessons

I am a little too close to this week to know what I’ve learnt from the beginning of it. Truthfully, I’m still a little embarrassed by my reaction. But as for Friday…

  • Keeping calm during a dizzy spell makes it less scary and possibly helps it pass sooner.
  • Knowing when to rest is still one of my biggest problems, but I ditched a lot of non-essential work this weekend in an attempt to regain some energy. As someone who was never able to delegate and let work go in the past, that’s a pretty big deal.
  • If you’re going to find some steps to sit on while a dizzy spell passes, choose some that don’t stink of piss.



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