Boxed Seasons

I once revisited a hypnotherapist I hadn’t seen in years for a much needed refresher. In an attempt to ascertain who I’d become in our time apart, she shot a few quick-fire questions at me. In answer to ‘Which season do you prefer most?’ I explained that I liked both winter and summer equally, but that I didn’t enjoy autumn and spring because they were too wishy-washy. They just don’t know who they are.

A few seconds later I realised that had been a lie and I adjusted my answer. Actually, I enjoyed all seasons, but I liked them to be clearly defined. On the whole I also prefer cold seasons to warm ones, even though that seems an unpopular choice. A wry smile crept across the therapist’s face as she busily scribbled more notes onto the pad resting on her knees.

At the time, the smirk was perplexing. But of course a control freak would like neatly boxed seasons that start and end in three-month increments. Learning how to be more of a palm tree in the wind was, after all, why I had decided to go back.

As we move into 2014 at breakneck speed we’re already being dragged out of winter. Cosy fashion stock gets shifted to the sale rails and the light, brightness of spring jumps into shopfront displays. Aspire to this, the visual merchandisers say. Shake off the heaviness. Lighten up! Winter was yesterday’s news, man. Every glossy magazine is chocker with trends for spring and new season edits; all hoping to be the style bible to influence your early sartorial transition pieces in preparation for warmer weather.

It’s seductive, I must admit. All that crisp freshness. The external equivalent of looking forward to a Caesar Salad after the intoxicating density of Christmas food. I suddenly have an urge to ditch dark nails for muted pinks and pack my jumpers under the bed until autumn.

I was discussing personal style with a friend last night; our most flattering colours in particular. She mentioned coral and I felt an overwhelming rush of nostalgia for its warmth. It matches burnished skin like no other. With a mild pining still in my head when I got dressed this morning, I reach for Bobbi Brown’s Calypso Coral and proceeded to liberally smudge it into my cheeks and lips. The brief elation was met with uneasiness. This face wasn’t working at all. At least, not with burgundy trousers and a black top. Upstairs for summer, downstairs for winter. All wrong. I quickly covered my lips in a deep berry lacquer that matched both the murky view outside my window and my wine-coloured trousers.

I’m not up for spring yet. It’s beckoning an enticing come hither finger at me, but I’m not ready to yield. I have yet to see a single snowflake. I want to get more use out of my sensible, warm boots. I like that I feel a little more mysterious and cool when my lips are dark when, in fact, there isn’t much icy-coolness to a woman who spent five minutes awkwardly dancing in her office with a custard doughnut in her hand to feel more awake this morning.

Such control freakery! Refusing to have one’s seasonally influenced style choices dictated. Or, living in the moment, maybe. Therapists love that shit. Live for today, not the tomorrow that doesn’t exist yet. So while my professional eye might firmly be a few months ahead of the shiny new diary, I’m going to hang on to my big coat and heavy-duty foundation a while longer. How long I’ll hold out, though, is up for debate. Because my head’s already trying to mix new pastels into my wardrobe and, much as I’m inclined to resist, there is just something so new about, well, the new. Whoops! Look what just happened…


  1. Caris Scarf – Banana Republic (£29.50)
  2. Mint Green Flecked Boyfriend T-Shirt – New Look (£9.99)
  3. Pretty Stud Stone Earrings – Warehouse (£6.00)
  4. NARS Velvet Gloss Lip Pencil in Frivolous (17.50)
  5. Casual Roll Hem Chinos – Pepperberry (£39.00)
  6. Bobbi Brown Blush in Pretty Pink (19.00)
  7. Limited Edition Leather Arrow Bracelet – ASOS (£10.00)
  8. OPI Nail Polish in Princesses Rule (£11.50)
  9. Leather Loafers – GAP (£39.95)
  10. Suede Backed Tote Bag – TopShop (£36) 


All links working at time of posting.  






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