Jo Malone – Incense and Embers

This month Jo Malone launched Just Like Sunday; a new collection of four home candles dreamed up by style editor Charlotte Stockdale.

Each scent is evocative of a different hour during Stockdale’s perfect Sunday. Lovage and Lavender represents making the bed with crisp new sheets. Green Tomato Leaf is a reminder of warm greenhouses filled with the heady aroma of tomato vines. While Sweet Almond and Macaroon is made to leave you with a hankering for afternoon tea.

The evening instalment of this four-piece launch is Incense and Embers; bringing all the husky atmosphere of a log fire with just one flame. The smokiness has been mixed with silver fir and white pepper to create lighter notes, with leather, vetiver and golden amber added for warmth.

As expected from Jo Malone, Incense and Embers is very much a ‘does what it says on the label’ scent. Imagine snuggling under a soft blanket in front of a roaring fire, with some tea and a great book and you’ll be there.

I’ve been burning this at night with the lights off while I plunder the depths of Netflix. It turns the air cosy enough that is makes me sleepy, without being so intense that it knocks me out before my House of Cards episode ends. If Frank Underwood were a candle guy, he’d definitely have one of these burning in his library while he makes his cheeky asides to camera.


The 200g candles claim a 45-hour burn time. That might be pushing it slightly for me, but I do tend to burn bedroom candles near a window that’s often ajar. It’s also worth mentioning that the packaging is, as always, beautiful.

The collection is available directly from Jo Malone or from department store stockists.


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