Five Rose Teas

I have an affinity with all things rosey. The Evelyn Rose perfume from Crabtree and Evelyn is the only thing I wore for years. And I’m still mourning the loss of the Sence Rose Nectar drink. It was a mixer made from roses so rare it was only available for a few months out of the a year when they bloomed. It had such a beautiful flavour I had to force myself not to chug it down in one to make it last. It seems to have disappeared off the face of the earth. I haven’t seen it on sale in a few years now.

I love rose teas, too. Here are a few  I’ve had on rotation lately.


  1. Tea Palace Rose Pouchong Black Tea (£9.50) Initially mild, when left to steep the natural florals of the pouchong tea mix perfectly with the added rose petals.
  2. Storm Organic Red Berry and Rose Petal Tea (£4.19) Caffeine free, this is a sharp and zingy fruit tea with just a hint of background rose flavour. Add sugar if you prefer sweeter fruit teas.
  3. Løv Organic Rose Loose Tea (£8.99) By far my favourite of the bunch. A strong black tea with an intense hit of rose. Like sticking your face in a bouquet but without the prickles.
  4. East India Company Chamomile Tea with Rosebuds (£7.99) Mild and soothing. The subtle rose flavour softens the grassiness of the chamomile. Slightly expensive for the amount you get in the pouch, but a lovely treat.
  5. Twinings Rose Garden (£2.49) Light, refreshing rose with typically delicious Twinings black tea. The most accessible and inexpensive of the five. Available in most supermarkets.


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