RMS Beauty Raw Coconut Cream


Coconut is a hot topic at the moment. Whether oil, cream or water, we’re being told everywhere just how good it is for us. I could resist no longer and picked up a jar of RMS Beauty’s Raw Coconut Cream; a multitasking product mainly pitched as a cleanser, but can also be used as a deep moisturiser or a mask. This isn’t just the same old coconut oil you can pick up in health food shops, though. RMS Beauty’s offering uses a special technique that doesn’t extract the lauric acid. A component also found in breast milk, lauric acid has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, lending this product perfectly to cleansing.

As a cleanser I can’t fault it, but if you don’t like the smell of coconut it’s one to avoid. It really is a punch in the nose with a coconut. In the jar the cream appears solid, but on contact with your fingers it melts into a rich, indulgent oil. It cuts through even the heaviest make up like a dream and it’s the only cleansing oil or balm I’ve found that entirely removes every trace of waterproof mascara.

Being a completely natural product, it doesn’t rinse as cleanly as other more conventional oil based cleansers. It definitely needs a double cleanse with a wash or a liquid cleanser on a cotton pad, to ensure that no make up is left trapped on the skin. If you have oily and spot-prone skin, it’s vital that the coconut oil is completely removed if using as a cleanser. I found that missing a few areas at my hairline left some angry blemishes that took some time to clear.

As an intensive moisturising mask it’s impressive. I’ve recently applied it to clean skin while in the bath, so that the steam helps the oil to absorb. I then wash it off at the end of the bath, leaving my skin feeling beautifully soft. On dry skin it would be fantastic as a night treatment a few times a week. On oilier skin a whole night with it on the face might be just a little too much, but a light touch would allow blemishes to benefit from the protection provided by the lauric acid.

This might be my new favourite coconutty thing. Well, after the coconut hot chocolate they’re currently serving at my local coffee shop, anyway.

RMS Beauty Coconut Cream is available for £12.50 at BeautyBay.com


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