Seven Blue Mugs

Last week I looked across my desk to see three used tea mugs. My first thought? Laziness. My second? That all three of them were blue. Blue and white. Blue and cream. Blue and stone. I can’t seem to resist buying them. They’re comforting, somehow. Whenever I buy anything I check to see if there’s a blue version. Here are seven blue mugs on my wishlist at the moment. I may need to find a new cupboard to hold them all in first, though.


  1. Villeroy & Boch New Wave Caffe Sydney Mug (£19.95)
  2. Howkapow Sardine Run Mug (£9.95) 
  3. Gary Birks Anchor Man Mug (£15.00)
  4. Emma Bridgewater Blue Sky Mug (£19.95)
  5. J by Jasper Conran Designer Stoneware Striped Painted Mug (£6.00)
  6. Heal’s Splash Ceramic Small Mug (£14.00)
  7. Emma Lacey Everyday Blue Mug (£24.00)

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