Three Waterproof Mascaras That Work

For some, waterproof mascara is a necessity, while others just prefer the security of knowing that their make up won’t run in the rain. If you have a problem with smudging, especially in hot weather, far better to go for a tubing mascara where the lashes are coated in a flexible polymer solution over traditional oil bases. Estée Lauder make the absolute best tubing mascaras. But if you’re looking for something you can happily (or unhappily) sob through without the panda eyes, here are three waterproof mascaras that I can confirm are up to the  job.

waterproof mascara

  • HIGH STREET – Max Factor False Lash Effect Waterproof (£10.99) For sentimental reasons I use the CoverGirl LashBlast version of this mascara. CoverGirl and Max Factor are the same brand but in different packaging depending upon the country they’re being sold in. False Lash Effect and LashBlast are the same product. This mascara has been one of my favourites for years. My lashes are naturally long and curled so I’m always looking to add volume over length. This mascara instantly makes my lashes fuller and doesn’t dry out too quickly, which can often be a problem with waterproof mascaras. The formula is fantastic and will never run, no matter how hard the rain’s coming down.
  • MID PRICED – Stila Stay All Day Water-Resistant Volumizing Mascara (£15.00) I’m not overly keen on the brush that comes with this mascara. It claims to be volumising but it definitely does better at adding length over fullness. It separates especially well, giving a pretty, fluttery look. And unlike most waterproof mascaras it’s buildable. It allows time to apply more than one coat before setting which, surprisingly, doesn’t impact upon how hard working the formula is. No smudging, and it holds a curl well throughout the day.
  • HIGH END – Lancôme Hypnôse Drama Waterproof Mascara (£22.50) Lancôme have long been considered the doyens of mascara and, while they have a little more competition than they had previously, you can always guarantee quality when you jump up to their price point. Their waterproof formula is carried across all brush styles and it’s faultless. You could happily get caught in a monsoon and it wouldn’t budge. I’m currently using up a tube of Doll Eyes, but it will be replaced with Hypnôse Drama, which builds the most brilliant volume. I’m looking forward to having it back in my life again.

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