Coveting… Bright Home Prints

I’m always pulled in two different directions when it comes to interiors. My first instinct is for blues, greys, white, cream, stone, all manner of classy neutrals and woody hues. If I had to stick a label on it, it would be called cosy opulence. Imagine a slightly more cluttered version of The White Company Christmas catalogue and that’s my comfort zone.

I like ‘stuff’. I come from a long line of collectors and hoarders. Minimalism is a beautiful dream, but I never achieve it. That’s not to say I don’t hanker after it, though. I also love clean, abstract, modern design. And bold colours that feel like a sharp slap around the face. Having shifted my office from a drafty corner downstairs to a room with proper roof upstairs, I’ve been thinking of adding a few bright prints to give the room a bit of life. Here are a few pieces I’ve come across while trawling the internet.


  1. Yellow Cushion Cover – H&M (£3.99)
  2. Pink Parquet Table Lamp – Hunkydory Home (£80.00)
  3. TP Tray Blue – Nordic Design Collective (£50.94)
  4. Joles Coaster – Anthropologie (£6.00)
  5. Orange Lace Mug – Scion (£10.00)
  6. Jungle Rug – Zara Home (£159.99)
  7. Neo Geo Triangle Design Print Cushion – Linea for House of Fraser (£20.00)

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