RéVive Glycolic Renewal Peel Kit

I was giddy when I was sent a sample of RéVive Skincare’s Glycolic Renewal Kit. I’m a big fan of their moisturisers, but sadly not their eye-watering price tag. Also, having been slightly disappointed in the now cult product, Alpha-H Liquid Gold, I was curious to see what something similar from the top end of the price range might do differently.


The kit is a two-step system: a glycolic drenched pad swept over cleansed skin in a circular motion, then a glycolic gel that’s massaged into the skin and left for five minutes before rinsing. My face is usually very tolerant of these kinds of treatments but both the pad and the gel brought on quite a significant sting. I can only assume that the concentration of acid is much stronger than in any other chemical exfoliant I’ve tried before. This is definitely not recommended for those with sensitive skin if it irritated even my robust face.

The irritation disappeared once the gel was rinsed and apart from the odd itch today, I’ve haven’t had any adverse reaction. It also didn’t leave any of the dryness I experienced with Liquid Gold; probably because the Renewal Kit works intensively for a short period of time and is followed immediately with serum and moisturiser, whereas Liquid Gold works on the skin overnight.

Even on removing the gel there was a noticeable difference in the texture of my skin. My make up sat especially smoothly this morning and with regular use I’m sure this treatment would massively improve the appearance of my old acne scarring and early wrinkles. I was very impressed.

The only problem with this product is the price. At £190 for 30 treatments it hits your wallet hard. Spending what amounts to £6 a week on a treatment that I know will improve my skin doesn’t seem steep, and it’s dramatically cheaper than a course of salon treatments. But it’s difficult to justify almost £200 at once when I already have a pricey daily skincare routine. Ideally, I’d like to see RéVive make individual packets available so that you could grab a couple as a treat. But I don’t think catering to the thrifty is quite their M.O.

RéVive’s Glycolic Renewal Kit is available from Space.NK.


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